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Browser, standard and Ajax has been tested on the main Operative Systems: Windows, GNU/Linux e MacOSX, and on all the last generation Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera e Konqueror.

Get Firefox recommends to his own users the use of Mozilla Firefox fot the web surfing, because it is Open Source, cross-platform, fast and able to guarantee a high level of security during the all surfing session. has been realized with the most Web modern technologies and paying special attention to the respect of W3C Standard, having in fact fully achieved the validation XHTML 1.0.

At we make a large use of JavaScript, that in fact is an essential requisite for the full use of our services, specially use of technology as Ajax to bring your surfing experience to the max level in terms of speed and usability .

A technical choice... but not only!

We strongly believe in the Open Source to be a superior choice in terms of technological innovation instead of the software's owner model, because we consider it an important ethical choice too, in a world (especially the computer one and the new technology) that evolves in a way often too fast compared to real needs of final user.

Debian GNU/Linux

In all the flow of realization of has been entirely used Open Source softwares and languages, and tha same portal is based on highly Debian GNU/Linux safe and steady servers, so to guarantee an uptime (percentage of performance) of 99,9%.

We pay much attention to the use of the most modern technologies, but always looking carefully to the final user and to our customers in order that they find the most “natural” and easy use of our services ever.

Have a good surfing!

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